Rough Night

Yesterday kind of sucked ass.  Woke up early to go play DnD with my friend James.  I was in the middle of creating a Bard class, because it’s probably the coolest one out there, matches my personality and shit.  (OK, so maybe when you play DnD, you’re supposed to create a character to play NOT of your personality, but play it like the character, but the whole reason I’m interested in DnD in the first place is to get to know myself and try to practice creativity, because creativity seems kind of important).

So the whole time I’m there though, and we get the DM on the phone to help out, I’m getting “I recommend you do this…” and “you can’t play a Bard like that…they don’t melee and stuff…no swords.”


So I got more and more annoyed…to the point I began *watching* them create the character…because I was like “fuck it.”  Eventually left about 1pm, determined my DnD days were done…(though if Bard class *is* more complicated, maybe I should stay away for now, because “keep it simpleis also another one of those magical key words).

Took a short nap to try to come back to my zone.  (The zone where NO ONE tells me what to do), and get ready for the movie “Life” with my friend Jacki.  The movie was great…creepy as fuck…but nice.  Rest of the day though (and I KNEW it started out with the day), I had this weird ass energy going on, where I was energized, but *restless* and NOTHING sounded worth doing.

So I napped on the couch some more.  Woke up about 8:30pm…a little sore…still nothing in life seemed worth doing…so I guess the strategy was “embrace that shit, and just observe.”  I eventually settled enough to watch the movie Rebel Without a Cause (which yeah, I identify with that shit….where is my CAUSE?).  After the movie, I was in a much more peaceful state of mind…enough to go for a pleasant walk and have a few beers at the Ranger.

Jerked off a few times in the shower.  Who knows if that helps or not…trying to get away from porn and into “I’m going to do it because I’m sexy and awesome, and my dick is a part of me, so GGGRRRRRRRRR I will yank it to my heart’s desire if I want.”  Still watched a little porn….uggg…whatever.

Felt better this morning…a little…determined to keep shit SLOW.  Saw my crazy friend Logan on my walk to campus….haven’t seen him in a long time, and he’s into all the Spiritual mumbo jumbo too.

I guess that settles for a first post.  Goatwind69…hehehe.

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