Videos a Comin’ (Maybe)

Today, April 3rd, in the year of our Lord AD 2017, I did another video to practice speaking and free-forming.  I plan to upload to youtube at some point these videos because…why not?

As much as I want to stay “Why does it matter posting your writings online, or your videos online, if they are for jew?”  (“you”….get it?).  And the only best answer I can come up with so far: (well two answers)

  1. They *MAY* be helpful to someone, who knows, that can see “hey, it’s ok to be you.”
  2. It may help me alleviate some of my fears (conscious or subconscious?) of self-expression in somewhat public venue.  Because THAT is still one that GRRRRRRR gets me angry all the time…is how I just want to be my crazy self in public, but if you ever HAVE been JUST YOU in public, (and you love your *crazy* self), then you’ve seen how people DONTKNOWWHATTHEFUCKTODO, and they give you “deer in the headlights” look.


Now it’s time for some groceries, because I bleed $$$$ buying food out-and-abouts all the time.  Fuck that noise.


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