Composing and Streaming

The following was composed on or about August 18, 2019 while playing with doing live streaming on the website. Thinking about streaming has been annoying me, because I’m generally technologically adverse and sensitive, but still I am loving this idea of ‘writing and speaking at the same time.’

Also, this is the edited version. I’m still learning how to enjoy and appreciate the process of reviewing and editing works. Finding lots of sweetness in it – it’s almost like I can write a block of shit text, and then delete different pieces for it to come out feeling a little like poetry.

**Double Bonus** The editing process MAY help me get closer to learning about and understanding myself…


The sound of my voice through the mic.

Sweet harmony.  Amercan pie.

Fuck you Yeti and the blinking light.

(Because The MIC effect has *nothing* to do withYeti)

defunct cable, suck my dick. Straight outta da box.

Blue Snowbal. FREEDOM.

Freedom for Frosty.  Freedom for fucking Frosty.j

(Frosty tits?)

Don’t forget, most times you are streaming to dudes. really don’t know who will be watching, but someone will.  That is going to be interesting, especially as you stream this work that you are doing right now.

Pretty girls -going back to college.

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