Spring Break Road Trip VS Corona Virus 3/15/2020

Yay fuck yeah, Spring Break! [Cue that movie “Spring Breakers” where that dude keeps saying “Spring Breeeaaaakkkk” haha]. Original intention was to do a to Vegas and California road trip with lots of hiking to get in shape for this summer, but as fate would have it, we are also in the middle of a Corona Virus Crisis. (CVC, *not* CVS). So I am doubly curious to see how much of the rest of the country is reacting, as opposed to the bullshit we are fed on the news networks. I’m from Wyoming, and that state is usually generally fairly sheltered from the rest of the goings-ons of the rest of the country of the United States.

Thus far, though, it’s kinda fuckin’ weird. Like, I hadn’t been following the Corona shit really at all, but last Thursday at college, it was *ALL* I heard people talking about as I overheard conversations. Fucking weird. And then I learn that we get a bonus week of Spring Break (hell yeah), but I still got to work the second week (damn). And then there is this weird shit of All of the fuckin Toilet Paper is gone from the grocery stores. Like seriously, wtf is that all about? [Thankfully, all of my close-peeps and family are NOT in panic mode or anything, and we’re mostly just laughing at wtf is going on, and wondering about it – i wonder if most people are actually this way, being chill……and this leads us to:]

Wtf is going on…….because on the one hand, you got the news outlets saying “Oh the most you get if you catch this shit is like a cold, or flu symptoms and most people recover” and like only 50 fuckin people in the U.S. have died, and there are barely some thousands of cases……my fuckin nephew pointed out today that so many more people die from fucking car wrecks.

SOOOO…….if this shit is supposedly fairly minor, WHY are all of these fucking businessess closing down, and WHY are they trying to FORCE “No social gatherings” on us?

And like, WHY THE FUCK should we listen to you anyways, news networks and government? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FUCKING LISTEN TO THEM, and I promise you, they do not have your best interests at heart (whatever the fuck that means).

So it’s kinda bizarre what’s all going on, and I hesitated to even write this blog post or to check up on the news because I’m really not sure how much I want to involve myself in this whole shenanigans, and maybe I should just hike, but as I AM so curious about psychology and sociology and apocalyptic things, and how people react, so I pay attention.

But seriously….isn’t a lot of weird shit going on, and the *LEAST* of it has anything the fuck to do with Corona Virus?

P.S. Hiking Mt. Garfield at Grand Junction CO is the shit. Incredible view.

Vegas and L.A. here we come baby. I heard the Gov. of Cali shut down the bars and shit. What a pussy, while Oklahoma govoner is tweeting “Don’t fall to fear!” while he is out enjoying a restaurant. So this is an example of how weird it is, that different states are handling it *very* differently. And it looks like Trump is uneasily pulled along by “what is expected of him.”

At least it is all quite very exciting times 🙂